Mobile World Congress. Day 2 (STEPLA)

Yesterday I was to busy that it was not possible to describe a new entry regarding my adventures in the Mobile World Congress. But as I promised, I’m going to tell my daily experience in this event. Here we go: Second day at Mobile World Congress: Another very interesting day, I met other connected cows like:… Read More »

Mobile World Congress. Day 1 (STEPLA)

My first day on the Mobile World Congress 16 has been much more exciting than I thought. From 08:00 the Stepla team (Sensowave) and me were ready in the GSMA Innovation City. At 9:30 the first journalists appeared, they all wanted to meet Beatriz, the first connected cow. They were from Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Spain, UK, Germany,… Read More »

Beatriz, the first cow in the Mobile World Congress

Hello I’m Beatrice, and I live in Mediana de Voltoya, Avila and I am 4 years old. I am the first livestock cow which is connected to the farmer using Stepla ( Thanks to GSMA and Telefonica, I will have the honor of being the first cow in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I’m so excited!, I hope… Read More »

Hello World!! / Hola mundo!!

Hello world!! From this blog, STEPLA’s team is going to present STEPLA’s project. Nowadays, livestock farmers have to face the following challenges: a profit reduction due to a sizeable drop in agricultural output prices and need for higher land surface due to regulatory trend of production more consistent with the natural environment and use of… Read More »